What if an invoice that has already been validated by my customer needs to go to VAT?

If you have crossed the threshold for the deductible based on VAT during the month, you are required to issue corrective invoices to your customers. They will inform your customers that you now collect VAT and that it is due on the invoices that you have previously issued to them. These corrective invoices only apply for operations carried out during the month in which the overrun was exceeded (invoices that were not subject to VAT). For example, if you start collecting VAT on May 15, you will need to produce corrective invoices from your customers for documents issued between May 1 and May 14.

In order to simplify your administrative procedures, you have the right to anticipate your exceeding the thresholds for the deductible based on VAT. Thus, you can request your VAT registration number in advance from your SIE and start editing invoices and quotes indicating VAT collection.

Accounting software helps you manage your VAT

The accounting software helps you manage your transition to VAT returns, offering a module. From the banking transactions recorded on the tool, it automatically generates your VAT return (CA12 or CA3) in order to save you time and avoid errors. The declarations can be downloaded in PDF format, so all you have to do is enter the data calculated by Gest4U on your paper or online form.

In order to help you prepare for a possible switch to VAT and its consequences on your cash flow, the management software offers a simulator. This tool allows you to determine, depending on your status and your plan, what impact the switch to VAT will have on your finances. Use the tax refund estimate in that case.

  • What are the charges that we can deduct as a company, entrepreneur or liberal profession?
  • What are the charges that are not deductible? In other words: how does it work?

In principle, VAT is 100% deductible on the costs you pay for your business. This rule seems relatively simple, but a few conditions must still be met and there are exceptions to the full deduction of VAT. Make use of the tax refund estimate there.

Who can deduct VAT?

  • The liberal professions, the medical and cultural sectors and TPE
  • Mixed taxable persons

Persons liable to VAT are an important link in the collection of VAT. On the one hand, they charge VAT on their sales to customers and, on the other hand, they must deduct the VAT on their own purchases and investments related to their business from the VAT collected on the products sold. Therefore, they only pay the difference (= the tax on their own added value) to the public treasury. A taxable person should not therefore bear the VAT burden himself.

A taxable person can recover the VAT if he carries out an economic activity or that he is going to exercise one. When you carry out undeniable activities as an individual in order to prepare for your self-employed activity, you have the right to deduct (subsequently) VAT and this, even if you do not yet have the status of subject to VAT at the time of purchase.


Getting Information about the Old Coin Value

What is valuable to one person can be invaluable to another. This is because, in most cases, people value objects based on our attachment to them or values ​​assigned to them by others. This also applies to the cost of old coins. However, this is not always a way to give them the value they deserve when it comes to coins. Therefore, you should contact a coin dealer who has some experience in this area. This way, you can learn a thing or two about ancient coins’ value and find out what to expect from some of the ancient coins you may have.

Another brilliant idea is to visit a coin fair or exhibition to see the sorting process.

You should also read books and articles in addition to searching the Internet before judging the condition of your coins. Make sure the mental state is good enough or as good as new, the date of issue and country of origin must be readable, and the coin must have minimal wear and tear. The value of coins is assigned according to the condition of all these qualities.

It is a good idea to practice identifying the grades that coin experts look for when they rate them, so you can always have a clear idea of ​​the value that will be placed on your old coins. Always go to a reputable expert to evaluate your old coin values and not rely on your knowledge.

Anything you own probably has some value. Sometimes, this value depends on how you feel about a particular element, while others’ values assign other elements. The same goes for old coins and other coins in your collection. While professional coin dealers or experienced coin collectors know the value of old coins for various coins, we may not know it.

You must learn to recognize these signs by reading various books and articles. Practicing your coin sorting skills in your collection should help you determine what the old coin will be worth. Make sure the exterior is not damaged because if severely damaged, it will lose its value. Look for marks on the sides and edges with care when handling them. Be informed before buying – this is your best guarantee.


Once you are confident in the coin valuation process, the next step is to find out what the real expert has to say about the old coin’s value. You can usually get a reasonable opinion by visiting your local coin store. Keep in mind that if you keep your old coins for an extended period, their value will likely rise. If an old coin has minimal signs of wear, it will have a higher rating and a higher value. However, if the old coin has several scratches and scuffs, then the rating will be lower and its value.


Everything To Know About The NASDAQFB Stock News

There are various venues for stock trading across the world. Investors need to be experienced and experts enough to make sure that you have the best and the most active stock trading company to invest in. This can prevent all the investors from losing their entire invested money in a rank lower stock. It would be best if you were sure about these stock markets’ rankings for your financial profits. The NASDAQ: FB at stock trading exchange has been on the rise in terms of marketing their shares. It is most definitely not on the list of a rank loser stock.

About FB Company

The Facebook Company or FB Company engages in social networking and has an operator of social media worldwide. It deals with developing all the applications of social media so that people can easily connect through their personal computers, mobile devices, and many other surfaces.

The users can share ideas, opinions, videos, photos, and many other activities. The products of this company are Instagram, Messenger, Oculus, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Chris R. Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo P. Saverin, and Andrew McCollum are the founders of this company.

NASDAQ: FB Stock Updates

The most recent stock news of this stock shares company has been notified to have been on the hike compared to the last stock closing data. The last closing was around 261.24, and the recent has been 261.97, so practically a rise of 0.31%. The shares range for each day of this stock exchange has been between 259.40 and 264.10. The stock rate for the 52nd week was marked between 137.10 and 278.89.

The volume and the average volume of the NASDAQ: FB stock trade shares were 12,091,658 and 26,045,656. This shares data has been quite impressive for the investors who want to invest in this trade company for their profits. The market cap data was around 73.998B. The earnings per share of this trade company have been around 8.18. You can find all this detailed information and gather them to understand the company.

Summing Up!

You can now get daily updates and share quotes from this stock share market. For this reason, you need to keep a close watch on the recent openings and closings of the stock exchange companies that the investors have invested in so that they can bag out a profit for themselves. The charts, analysts, and the data you find online can be very helpful for the investors to determine if their stock market is going high or is miserably failing. You can get all these updates on various online portals. You can buy stock from an online stock broker.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.


Understand More About Bitcoin Currency

Bitcoin is a trading framework that is an option as opposed to a payment. Bitcoin gives a private (or maybe even stealthy) approach to paying for things.

The advantage of Bitcoin is that it protects your security. Bitcoin has many burdens, including:

1) Although Bitcoin holds its charms, it’s restrictive and also is not part of a legislature or even sponsored by any legislature. Only a limited number of Bitcoins should be created, which makes Bitcoins seem to be more important than they are. By limiting the number of coins made and the promotion, the cost of Bitcoins has increased.

2) Some of the benefits of Bitcoin may be fragmentary value. The advertised benefits include the ability to email money to your companions, it is identified with gold, it offers security and reliability, etc. The problem is money, checks, charge cards, prepaid charge cards, cash orders, handling something (e.g., postage stamps), wire transfers, and PayPal; seem to cover just about all remittance needs.

3) Buying Bitcoins is not modest. Moreover, apart from eBay, buying Bitcoins is neither necessary nor straightforward, and with the (presumably) exception of eBay, some of the Bitcoin sellers appear to be somewhat fluffy. For a test, I messaged four Bitcoin sellers, two of whom were quite close to me, and none of them responded. The moment you buy Bitcoins, there is no discount.

4) In my tests, the product to create a Bitcoin “wallet” on your PC seemed moderate and buoyant. I tried two various Bitcoin wallet projects, and it looked like it would have taken days to complete the process of planning things with the Bitcoin remote worker.

5) I guess considering that Bitcoin is entirely secure and private, and the grounds that it can be used to buy anything anywhere, using it can help put you on the radar of administration. Who knows, maybe the individual selling unobtainium that you can buy with Bitcoins, is really with a police office, hoping to break you.

6) With Bitcoin, the chances of getting scammed for purchases increase immeasurably, considering that no merchant data is communicated to the buyer, for example, their name and address.

At the moment, approaches to paying for Amazon purchases with Bitcoin are generally fluffy. Also, when you want to trade Bitcoins for standard items, the profits you must pay does what you pay to exchange currencies remotely at the air terminal appear to below.


Which Pension plan is best for you

A pension plan is an investment choice that aims to build a pool for a given amount of time by allocating the money. Pension plans offer a steady stream of income that is secure and assured once you have finished working. It provides you with maximum protection such that even after your retirement, you won’t have to rely on your living conditions. Deferred Annuity Plan and Immediate Annuity Plan are the two annuity schemes of the Pension Plans.

Deferred Annuity Plans

Deferred annuity policies are all people seeking savings-oriented products. You will select the length of the payout in partial annuity policies and compensate the premiums for the period chosen. The benefits you are giving converge to form a corpus. The death insurance, charged in case of an insured’s death within the duration of the contract. On the other side, you should decide on a payout policy on vesting.

Deferred Annuity Plans are thus best for those who want to create a corpus for retirement.

Immediate Annuity Plans

In the Immediate Annuity Plans, annuity payments start directly after issuance of the policy. You offer a fixed sum, which is considered the selling price to buy the product, and you compensate the annual annuities with such a lump-sum fee. You may opt to collect the pensions in numerous accessible modes that fit your desires and wants. Therefore, Immediate Annuity Plans are better for people who have a lump-sum figure on their pockets and expect daily income from such a lump-sum.

How do you determine which pension scheme is best?

To select which pension scheme is better for you in India, you will weigh the following considerations and choose one that fits your requirements.

  1. Variability

When the annuity sum is set and is either predetermined or not assured; otherwise the annuity is set, and whether the annuity sum differs according to the value of the underlying assets, it becomes a contingent annuity. An individual who wants lower risk will then select a fixed annuity in which returns are small, and those with higher risk variable appetite annuities get better returns.

  1. Timing

If you decide to have your annuity payments going instantly, then the correct option is the instant annuity package. Unless you choose to make monthly benefit checks upon your death, you can opt with a conditional annuity package. This decision always relies on the age of the pension plan, bought at. The deferred plan is for you when you’ve just begun your career, and if you’ve retired recently and had a gratuitous or provident retirement payout, the immediate plan is for you.

  1. Coverage

An annuity scheme will cover a single entity or joint in which you will insure another person who can continue to earn a monthly daily annuity payout. In a joint-life annuity, the annuity is paid first to the life insured, and the insured’s partner continues to collect the annuity payments until his/her death. Therefore, if you want to protect your partner as well, you should apply for joint-life annuity so that even after your death, they can collect payment.


The Insight of DGLY Ally Inc.

Digital Ally Inc. produces law enforcement, homeland security, and commercial fleet applications with advanced technology. The main focus of DGLY is digital video imaging and storage. DGLY has state contracts from the law enforcement agency in the U.S. It covered almost 50 states and more than 30 other countries in the field of military and commercial fleets. The stock sign of DGLY stock Is NASDAQ: DGLY at .

Its main objective is to increase the revenue by expanding its recurring services on a quarterly basis. It’s a new partnership with KMC brands. Some companies are agreed for the 5-year exploratory venture for further development. In April DGLY stock enters into a distribution agreement with trust think LLC. It’s the first company has some existing relationship. When an investor, invest in any company they always check its revenue with its competitors. After verifying the company market value then they invest in the right one.

In June 2019 quarter-end the total revenue decreased from $ 3563,550 to $ 2,546,983. This is because due to competition in the stock market its face challenges and also in its products like car and body-worn system. On 17 April 2020 DGLY stock enters into securities agreement with the two investors.

Its gross profit improved 18 percent to $ 1,265,028 in the first quarter. The gross margin of the stock is decreased by last year’s quarter. Every investor always invests in those companies or in stock which will give them a higher rate of return or revenue. The DGLY first quarter 2020 reports show the total revenue decreased $2425,745 from $ 2550,796 in 2019 and the main reason for its decline in 8% by the previous year.

Its competitor launched new products with advanced features and price cuts. Then the shareholders and investors move to its competitors. This is the main reason for the DGLY stock revenue decrement in 2019. But in the year 2020 the first quarter the total revenue increases because it produces new products and many investors invest in it.

Its ownership structures show its current position in the stock market funds and institutions. The DGLY stock is also reporting standard equity and debt issues. It also has 100 MM assets under management and DGLY always discloses their put and also call option holding. Some analysts said that this option indicates a negative statement whereas call option indicates a positive statement. Due to lack of revenue ,DGLY is still launching new products in the market. If you want to know more stock news like btcusd, you can visit .


Why it is safe to choose the brand name service providers?

Day by day there is multiple businesses are found but some of the businesses are getting successful on it because they are all choosing the right name for their business. The brand name ideas will be more supportive of getting the perfect name for your business and you will have more advantages from it. No one will underestimate the value of it because it is the most wanted one forever.

Highly recommended one

Every year the user of this service is increased and they are all giving excellent reviews about it. This simple thing can make a great change and surely you will not disappoint it. Most of the business experts are suggesting this service because they know the value of it and it will never be the unwanted one at any time. Before starting this process the service providers will make a deep discussion about your business then only they will move for the further process.

They are having professional groups and they will never disappoint you at any time. No one can underestimate the value of it because it is the most wanted one forever. It is highly recommended for the beginners and it will give the immediate reach to your business. This is the widely chosen one when compared to the other so you no need to bother about anything. They are giving the brand name ideas for all kinds of business and it will never be the unwanted one to any business people.

Get an excellent result form it

The brand name must be unique from others then only it will get the immediate reach. If your brand is based upon the kid’s product then it must have the comforting name for kids. If your brand is based upon the adults then it must be an attractive and stylish one. Likewise, multiple steps are followed by them and they will make this process with the qualified experts and they are always giving their best to everyone.

This is the conventional one when compared to the other so you no need to bother about anything. This simple thing is holding the multiple choices with it and surely you will not disappoint about it. No one can underestimate the value of it because it is the most wanted one forever. These brand name ideas are the most welcome one and it indicates the value of this service.

Try to recommend it to all

Some people are assuming that this will be more costly but it is not like that you will get it at an affordable price. Every business people must utilize this for being unique from others then only your brand will become the familiar one to all. Multiple ways are available to make your investment into the valuable one but this remains the highly preferred one forever. This is the widely chosen one when compared to the other so you no need to bother about anything.

No one can underestimate the value of it because it is the most wanted one forever. This simple thing is holding the multiple choices with it and surely you will not disappoint about it. After choosing this service you can see the growth of your brand in a short time and you will have more customers also. This is widely chosen by the beginners and now they are all successively leading their business.

Save more time and money

There is no one can underestimate the value of it because it is the most wanted one forever. These brand name ideas will be more supportive of everyone and surely you will get an excellent result from it. This is one of the trusted services and it will keep your business away from high risk. This is the widely chosen one when compared to the other so you no need to bother about anything.

It will be the perfect one forever and it will never be the unwanted one at any time. If you are not satisfied with their brand names they are ready to do another one. They are just doing this for customer satisfaction only that is the main reason for everyone adoring their service. This simple thing can make everything into the safest one and surely you will never disappoint about it.

Try to get it soon

This is the conventional one when compared to the other so you no need to bother about anything. If you are starting a business without this service surely you will feel bad so please don’t miss this amazing one for any reason. Now you will have a fair idea about it so try to share the merits of it with everyone and this will be more helpful for them. Get ready to utilize this service for making your brand as the familiar one to all.


Guide For Contractors To Avail Mortgages

Sufficient funds at all times are necessary for all of us. Sometimes, we fall short of funds for which we look around for getting loans from relatives, friends or through other sources that fulfil our immediate fiscal needs. Many people prefer availing credits through banks or private lenders. Contractors also raise loans through contractor mortgages for their emergent needs.

Tips For The Contractors – The contractors that need mortgages for instant requirements should know:

  • Special Provisions For You – Unlike ordinary borrowers, the contractors do not need to maintain accounts for three years. They are eligible for the mortgages that are based on the day-rate, the special provision for them. Contractor-friendly mortgage providers and commercial banks allow the mortgages that weigh their running contracts instead of counting their working period as contractors. No need to be in the contract for a minimum period of six months.

These noble guys are not treated as high risk by the financial institutions including building societies or banks etc. No need to deposit heavy amounts to avail the mortgage, the special advantage to the contractors. Additionally, the contractors are provided credits at reasonable rates as compared to the ones since facilitated to ordinary borrowers for which contractors’ savings and deposits do matter.

  • Getting A Mortgage – Following tips may be adhered to for availing the credit-
  • Assess your needs and discuss the same with the lenders that would find out suitable options for you.
  • Kindly note that the mortgage would be facilitated in your own name. It is suggested to possess some property through a reputed limited entity that may be engaged especially to own the let units.
  • No need to panic even if you have the three-month contract. It is your overall experience that counts much as regards the credit. Undoubtedly, the income factor is considered and the same may be treated for more than forty-eight weeks of the contract rate.
  • It is possible to avail the short term loan for a minimum of five years, generally for innovations or improvements in the home.
  • Contractors working as freelancers may be affected as regards the qualification for the mortgage subject to the condition that they have a minimum of one year’s finalized company accounts.

Contractors interested to avail credits must go through the above guidelines and contact the suitable lender that would apprise them of the other features too. Meant for the contractors, contractor mortgages may be availed by them for meeting their specific needs in wise manners.


How to Earn Money from Your Antiques Collection

Antiques collecting probably are the most popular pastime for the adults. Lots of people spend several hours sifting through the flea markets or thrift shops looking hit the goldmine with their valuable antique. Whereas basics of such hyped-up hobby fairly are straightforward, earning money by collecting antiques might not be simple easy as it appears. But, you can get help from Houston Gold shops. Lots of people think buying & selling of antiques is simple and quick. Truth is, at times it will take several years to find the antique somebody is keen to pay huge amount for – and at times it will take forever. Fact is, you might not find the antique that is highly valuable, and however, you may have lots of fun to search.

Here are some tips that will help you earn money from your antiques collecting:

Look Low and High

Looking for the valuable piece (no matter whether it is gold or anything else) might not be as easy as coasting through the flea market on Sunday afternoon. The dedicated antique collectors may search low and high to find best piece. Searching for the items on internet might help, however, majority of these antiques you will find on internet already have the known value and may likely be costly to purchase. Key is to find something at the low rate and realizing you have hit the goldmine.

Leave Them Alone

Suppose you think that you have found the most valuable antique, last thing you have to do is to decrease the value. Never try to clean with the household cleaning products & do not try to give it “makeover” just by painting it or refurbishing to make this look better. Just leave your collection alone. Single fastest method to decrease value of your antique is by the changing the original condition –that is where the value lies.

Sell them

The valuable antique will not make you much money in case you do not know how you can market such item and, make any sale. First thing that you have to do is to take this to the antiques appraisal shop to see any potential value of that item. When the worth is established, you may start marketing the item to your potential buyers. Do not settle on the lower cost than what appraisal shop has told you that your item is worth. Thus, it will just increase in the value longer you keep them. Suppose you do not need money right away, then we recommend holding on your item for long if possible.


Well now you know some basics behind the antique collecting, and it is the right time you start looking for the right option. We really hope you hit the goldmine!


Tips on developing the perfect trading plan

There is a great difference between the losers and successful traders in the Forex market. The losers are always trying to hit the big score with an aggressive approach. They never think about the strategic plan to improve their trade execution process. On the contrary, highly skilled traders are execution quality trades based on précised planning. They never break the rules since they know the complicacy associated with the trading business.

The elite traders in Singapore are always different than rookie traders. They never listen to their emotions when it comes to taking a decision in the real market. They are more concerned about the systematic approach at trading since it helps them to secure more profit from this market. They know the importance of having a perfect trading plan. In fact, a perfect trading plan is the only way by which you can secure a consistent profit at trading. So, let’s learn to create a perfect trading plan for your investment career.

Eliminate the noise

You need to eliminate the noise from your life to create the perfect trading plan. This should be your first step. IF you are biased with the social problems and trying to earn money at trading, things are going to get worse. Face your real-life problems and try to find a unique solution. Stop thinking that you deserve the best life by default. Nothing in this world is perfect. You are the one who is responsible for your life so take care of your personal problem and prepare for a fresh start. Unless you do so, you can’t create a perfect trading plan.

Know your trading style

You need to develop your Forex trading plan based on your personality and trading style. For instance, some of you might prefer to day trade the forex trading market. But day trading might seem hard for the conservative traders since they can’t deal with the emotional rush while having multiple positions in the real market. Though you can prefer scalping, position trading, long term trading strategy, it’s better to choose the conservative method. Safety should be your priority and the conservative method tends to suits the new investors. Though its profit factors are limited at the initial stage once you learn to execute the trades based on your preferred trading style, you will feel the change in your trading plan.

Write down the rules

You need to write down the rules to become a profitable trader. Having a trading plan in your mind doesn’t really work. Focus on the core concept of trading and try to improve your skills by improving your trading technique. Create a journal so that you know the key steps you need to take to execute the perfect trades. The rookies often think they can’t change the rules in their trading plan. But the traders need to improvise their trading plan regular basis. Unless you learn to improvise the trading plan, it will be tough to make the right decision in the Forex market. Improvisation is a great skill and it allows the traders to find the best possible signals.

Learn from the experts

You need to learn from the expert traders so that you can curate the perfect trading plan. Start participating in the social trading network site and ask the professionals how they have created their trading plan. Never expect all the community gurus will give you the desired answer since very few traders actually have a valid trading plan. Due to the low success rate in the trading profession, the naïve traders find it really hard to find the perfect mentor. But this doesn’t mean everyone is losing money. Stay connected in the professional trading community and you will find many successful traders who have the skills and making consistent profit. Learn from them and see how they have prepared the plan to execute trades in the real market.