Different Workstations to Consider for Your Office


When you’re opening a new office, you have a lot to take into consideration. You want to make sure that you have enough space for everyone, but you also don’t want to pay for more furniture or office space than you actually need. Here are some different workstation options you could consider for your office.

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Cubicles are individual workstations that are divided by panels. The panels create separation and also give space for shelves to be added for more storage. If you have employees that need their own space but still need to easily speak with each other, this is a good option. Another benefit of cubicles is that employees are often better behaved because they don’t have anything to hide behind, and it is harder for them to check their email or surf the web on company time.

Benching System

Benching systems Los Angeles are essentially one long desk without distinct separations for offices. You can create workstations by wiring computers and having them at certain spots, but your employees likely won’t have a defined seat that they work out of each day. All computers will have access to the same information so that anyone can do their job from any station.

Benching is especially good for workers that need to stay in constant communication. For example, party planners often use benching systems so that their team can constantly be talking and working on plans for something instead of relying on email or phone calls.


Sometimes, you might have positions that need the privacy and separation of their own personal offices. Perhaps you run a law office, and your employees need private space to talk to clients. Or, you run an accounting firm where each person has multiple clients they work with, and you don’t want to risk causing errors by mixing the spaces.

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