Know How You Can Enjoy Using Your Credit Card


The use of liquid money has been minimized largely due to the introduction of different cards in the first place, and later the digital transfers have also added to them. But you should consider the benefit of these cards as they save you in any situation with the payment and other facilities. The leading banks and other financial organizations offer both kinds of cards available in the market to their customers who meet the eligibility requirements.

Though the debit card is mandatory with every savings account in the bank, the other one has some specific criteria to maintain. But you get better facilities and amenities with that card also, and these benefits are useful in different circumstances.

What is the other one?

You can convert your purchases into monthly installments, can enjoy revolving credit, and increase your credit score using the credit card of the leading bank and other financial organizations. You can have this card and enjoy expenses with the convenience of every possible type. You can use this card for money withdrawal from ATM, but it is not the one to be used in ATMs only.

You can enjoy a credit period of 45 days without any payment, and with a card, your journey becomes hassle-free in paying any huge bills or payments required. Moreover, you enjoy numerous offers with the card like exciting rewards, cashback with different payments, and whatnot.


The leading banks or financial institutions have a small requirement list for the approval of this magic card. You must possess the following to get an instant approval for the card-

  • You have to be an Indian citizen, and your age must be above 18 at the minimum.
  • Your credit score has to be 750 or above it.
  • Your monthly income has to be Rs. 15K for residents of non-metro cities and Rs.20K for residents of metro cities.

The application process

If you match all the eligibility guidelines, you can Apply at for the card online in a most hassle-free way. Just follow the steps-

  • Start your application by entering all the personal details that start from the name, address, etc., and leads up to your profession, employer, and lately your income per month. Enter them and check them twice before you hit the ‘next button.
  • You will get to see a list of banks and lending institutions and their offerings on the cards and facilities and different eligibilities related to them. You should go through them deeply and don’t miss a single point. Find the best suitable for you and proceed.
  • Now is the time to fill up the additional details to complete your application process.
  • Once you confirm all the details, the lender will send you an e-approval on your mail-id.
  • Within 24-48 hours, with the Doorstep services of the lender institutions, a representative will visit your place and do the paperwork required and take the hard copies of your data.

When you look to get a credit card with multiple facilities, you must do your research and then finalize what you should do. You should not waste the amenities at the wrong places and enjoy them in the best possible way.

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