The Complete Guide to Hiring Translation Company In Dubai


Choosing a translation company or a translator can be difficult, especially if you don’t know that world or you are not sure what kind of translation services you need. It is also very likely that, if you have never hired a translation company, you ask yourself many questions of the type:

  • How do I know that the service they offer is quality?
  • How can I evaluate your work?
  • How long will it take to translate what I need?
  • Are they charging me more?

Translation professionals know that all these doubts are common and, moreover, that it is necessary to distinguish between professional and amateur translators . In this post we will give some key points so you can choose the translation service that best suits your needs.


The choice of a trusted translation company is very important for you and your company, especially if you want to make yourself known in other parts of the world or to contact customers,suppliers or collaborators from other countries. If the company for which you have opted has a presence on the Internet, visit its website, seek opinions from third parties about that company, either on the web or in other portals, consult your acquaintances or even call or visit the company To know your work.Know the market

The experience is one of the best schools in the world, you can be in love with languages, but if you have never faced a translation and all that entails, you probably cannot give the necessary service in the stipulated time. Thus, both a large company and an SME or an individual needs an experienced translation provider in dubai that can cover all of your company’s translation needs. To compete effectively in an increasingly globalized world, you need a high quality translation service such as Dubai translation services.


Before selecting a translation company you must ensure its professionalism and reputation, since this will depend on your success in other countries. How can you do it? Study the company’s portfolio , consult on the internet or see some of their work, and even contact their former clients to have an opinion.

To offer a quality translation, adapted to the target audience to which the target culture is addressed, and also to do it in the required time, it is not enough to know the languages   in which one works. A professional translator is an excellent copywriter in his mother tongue and an expert documentalist, who has specific tools that allow him, for example, to maintain terminological coherence throughout the text (and for later work for that same client).

We know that sometimes, when you need to translate your website or some minor document, you go to acquaintances who know the target language, but it is not that simple. Translate does not consist in transferring the original message with the same words in another language, but that message sounds natural to the reader and is also attractive. Your reputation on the network and in other countries depends on the quality of communication in the target language.


We have all heard the saying “cheap is expensive.” It is true that there are translation companies with abusive or not very transparent prices with clients, taking advantage of the fact that he does not know all aspects of a translation very well.

Companies that offer very low rates may not have qualified translators to offer you a good service. At dubai translation service we always work with qualified, experienced and, above all, native translators.

It is important to know that the price of a translation depends not only on the length of the text, but also on the language you want to translate – some more “exotic” usually cost more than others more “usual” – or specialization (a technical translation It is usually more expensive than a general one). Before selecting a company, compare several companies with experience and select the one that best suits your needs.

Another factor that can affect the final price of the translation is the delivery time. For a quality translation the term is essential, the more time you have to translate, the better the final result. Usually, a professional translator translates between 1,500 and 2,000 words a day, depending on the subject of the translation. When the deadlines are very tight, an emergency surcharge is usually applied. For example, if you need a translation in less than 24 hours, a professional agency will apply between 25% and 40% surcharge, depending on the number of words.


The translation services offered to you must be consistent with what your company needs. For example, if your company is dedicated to cutting-edge technology, you will need a translator specialized in the subject; Or if you are looking to subtitle a promotional video of your product, you will need a translator specialized in subtitling and marketing.

The company you finally contact must have a team of specialized translators to be able to give you a service according to your needs. Check out our services section and discover the fields we can cover to help you get to know in other countries.


A translation company does not necessarily have to be in the same city you live in, since many of the tasks are currently done telematically. But it is essential that you have a good customer service either via email, telephone or even through social networks.

It is important that the translation company knows how to solve all the doubts you have and covers the needs of your company in the terms that you deem appropriate.

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