Using Second Mortgage to Pay Off Debt


A second mortgage in Toronto is a subordinate loan taken on top of the first mortgage. In this case, the lender decides to take a risk by giving the homeowner an additional loan against a property that is already mortgaged.

If the homeowner defaults, the lender in the first position holds the right to be paid first. Meaning the lender in the second position is exposed to chances of not being paid if the property is taken into possession. The additional risk is what makes the interest rate on a second mortgage higher than the principal mortgage.

Does a Second Mortgage Make Sense?

The thought of considering a second mortgage might sound a bit daunting but can make a lot of sense when you have to settle your debts. This way individuals can save money as well as save the property or other assets out of the picture from being taken into possession by a lender. Below is a detailed insight into the benefits that a second mortgage can come with:

Paying Off Debt

While debts have their part in easing the borrower’s life, as well as helping individuals meet certain needs, if a delay in repayment occurs, the borrower might get into the bad books. To safeguard one’s credit worth testimony, a person might consider a second mortgage to pay off the debts.

A homeowner might also take an additional mortgage to help pay off the debt in the first mortgage at once if the remaining balance is little, and if they see benefits in doing that; like a possible reduction in the repayment interest.

Home Improvement

Homeowners can also take advantage of the equity build on their property to get a second mortgage for home improvement purposes. There are no restrictions on what you can do with the money. As such most people prefer to raise their home’s aesthetic value and add other infrastructures with funds from the second mortgage.

Investing in a Business

People with an equity amount exceeding 20% on their home, and want funds for either a new or existing business, a second mortgage against the equity would be a cheaper source of loan for their project. In other words, conventional loans place a much higher interest rate on their products compared to a second mortgage.

What to Consider Before Taking a Second Mortgage  

The interest rate charges and the terms and conditions of repayment on a second mortgage are some of the major factors you need to look into when deciding on what lender to go with.

These terms vary with the lending institution. But generally, based on the risk involved, most lenders will automatically charge a higher interest rate on a second mortgage compared to the first registered mortgage.

Depending on the lender, some second mortgage loans may have a shorter repayment period than others. For a repayment period of 15 years, the monthly amount to be paid would be higher than that of a 20 years repayment period.

Top on that, other associated fees may also come to play, which homeowners need to grasp before engaging, that’s why a person may need some assistance from a second mortgage expert in Canada.

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