Who are discount brokers and how are they different from regular brokers?


In stock marketing it is not easy to buy or sell trades. You have to be a professional in your tasks if you want the things to work out in the most effective manner. Certainly more nadi more brokers are going towards discount brokers and there is a reason for that. An apparent advantage of discount brokers is that they are impartial. As they offer no type of advice, they are never going to make you sell a great stock or at the same time, make you purchase one.

‘Discount Broker’ is the answer to high transaction price afflicting the financial sector. This type of broker is a no-add-on broker like a low cost airline. All the broker does is catering the platform for transaction and the services that are necessary to complete a transaction. They would only help you take to the destination in a proper and safe manner.  The near rock bottom brokerage price makes a lot of difference for a client. Research or stock calls in present day are available in plenty on the internet or via newspapers, periodicals and websites. And of course there are various types of paid newsletters and content providers too who give trading and investing ideas. These get done at a fixed fee.

The difference between a discount broker and that of a full service broker is replicated by the transaction cost on low priced stocks or on options trading. Many brokerages charge a least amount for stocks below a specific price. Their aim is to guard their brokerage in absolute terms as low priced stock is going to give them tiny brokerage if they are calculated in terms of percentage.  Similarly in options trading that are generally low priced mainly out of the money options, many brokerages possess a flat amount per contract. Such a method of calculating brokerage has a great impact on the success of the client.

Another benefit of the discount broker is that these fellows are unbiased. Since they cater no advice, they are not going to make you sell a good stock or at the same time, make you purchase one. They will not trouble you with their research calls and they are not even going to remind you of all the trading calls that came up while conveniently brushing recommendations that did not really perform.

Please note!

Before you run to open an account with a discount broker make sure that you check if there are any concealed costs behind the low brokerages that are advertised. You also have to check the infrastructure of discount broker, his internet connectivity speed and even more importantly in case there is a reserve mechanism if either your internet or the broker’s connectivity is vulnerable.


So, since you have a great idea about discount brokers, it is up to you to choose them for your trading.  Remember, both the conventional and discount professionals are good but you have to figure out which one suits your needs utmost.

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